Free vehicle sanitisation with every booking included

Exterior Wash – £30

Exterior car wash

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and signs of daily use quickly build up. This service ensures the exterior of your vehicle is kept clean, shiny and protected.

Lets begin with those wheels!

Brake dust agh! We begin by bathing the wheels in our non acidic wheel cleaner. Safe on all wheels it gently softens brake dust making for much safer removal. Using our special long reach and intricate brushes, the wheels and barrels are then cleaned.

​Bath time!

Our exterior wash includes a gentle citrus pre-wash. This lubricates the vehicles exterior and breaks down the muck and grime before the contact wash.

​Citrus pre-wash complete the vehicle is now ready for a contact wash. We use only the finest lambswool mitts and grit guarded bucket’s to make the wash process as safe as possible.

​Premium plush microfiber towels are used to carefully dry any remaining areas.

Time for some protection!

​Our exterior wash includes protective wax application This gives a deep wet look finish to the vehicle.

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