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Engine Bay Detail – £120

Don’t neglect your engine bay

Many owners neglect cleaning their engine bays in fear of damaging fragile components. In reality, a modern vehicles engine bay is pretty well protected, although there are some areas where extra care must be taken.

First of all we begin by warming the engine for 1-2 minutes, this tends to loosen contaminants making them easier to remove. We then cover up all the bits that don’t like to get wet. These include air filters, ECU, coils, alternators and so on.

We then begin decreasing the engine bay using a detail brush and specified engine decrease. This also removes loose contaminants such as hard to reach leaves, twigs and excess dirt. Now the entire engine bay has been cleaned, it is left to sit for 5 minutes allowing the product to lift all contaminants.

Five minutes has passed now, time for a quick hose down with no pressure, we don’t want pressurized water getting into those areas we covered earlier. Now clean, we dry the engine and add the finishing touches such as dressing and protecting. We’re all done, stand back and admire your freshly detailed engine bay.

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