Free vehicle sanitisation with every booking included

Clean And Protect Seats

Specialist seat cleaning and protection

We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and signs of daily use quickly build up. Keep your interior crisp and fresh with regular service.

Individual Seat Leather/Fabric

Refresh your seats, fresh aroma
  • Deep vacuume of entire seat
  • All creases cleaned with compressed air
  • Shampoo vacuume extraction (Fabric)
  • Deep cleaning balm hand applied (Leather)
  • Long lasting protection applied
  • Interior sanitisation (Complimentary)
  • Air freshner

DEEP Leather and Fabric Seat Clean and Protect 

Much like the rest of the interior, leather surfaces especially the seats are used on a daily basis, meaning they have to withstand allot of wear. When cleaned with the correct detailing products and techniques, leather cleaning before and afters can be one of the most striking, especially on light colored leather.

Lets begin

​Although modern leather finishes are very robust, we always check over the surfaces for any blemishes or tears that we may need to avoid or be less aggressive with.

​Time to remove any loose dirt from the leather with a vacuum cleaner. Using the crevasse attachment and detailing brushes we give the surface a thorough vacuum. Its crucial to remove this dirt as we don’t want to drag it across the surface in later cleaning stages.

​Now we have removed any dirt from the surfaces its time to begin leather cleansing. Depending on the leather we will use a foam applicator or brush to spread the solution and agitate the surface. Once all contaminants have been removed from the pores of the leather we remove all residue with a clean interior microfiber towel.

​Time to condition and protect your freshly clean leather. By using leather conditioner we add a protective barrier to the surface whilst maintaining a natural finish, This also helps prevent the leather from drying out.

All done, mmm smell that fresh leather.

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