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How I lost 7 stone 8 lb in a year!

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Hey guys!

Thanks for checking in 🙂 I’m Sam, owner of Blade Detailing in Bournemouth. This blog is a slightly different flavour to the norm..

As the title says, in this entry I will tell you how I went from 116kg to 66kg (crazy right?) in a little less than a year. Before we start I’m adding a quick disclaimer as I’m not a dietitian or fitness coach! The weight loss wasn’t even intentional, it just kind of happened without me realising until a few people started to mention how different I looked. Then that few people turned into just about everyone I know asking me how I did it, so here it is, enjoy!

The beginning

I’ve always had a passion for car care since obtaining my driving licence at 17 nearly 10 years ago! Since then I have been around cars at varying capacities both professionally and as a hobbyist. Anyway less of the life story lets begin!

I’ve pinpointed the start of the crazy weight loss to the start of my new business, Blade Detailing, on the south coast in Bournemouth in 2018. I’m a fully qualified mobile car valet and detailer and as you would expect, it’s a very physical job. Washing cars, waxing cars, vacuuming car interiors is like doing Pilates all day everyday, or so I’ve been told, as I have never been to a Pilates class in my life.

Summer 2018

How hot was it? I mean like seriously it was above 25 degrees and full sun for what felt like weeks! Internationals may find this weather completely tolerable but for me working outside, it was hot. I had sweat dripping in places I didn’t know I could and it didn’t take long to discolour my new uniform which I was not happy about lol. It was at this point that I thought ‘might lose some weight doing this, silver lining!’. Little did I know just how much.

Faded blade detailing t shirt and cat

‘You look like you have lost weight’

This is a sentence that has very rarely been said to me throughout my life, I’ve never been enormous but certainly have never been trim. Depends who you’re asking but I would say I was beefy, alternatively ask my mates and they would probably say I was a fat sh*t – after all what are mates for! :). But yes, family members started to mention I was loosing weight, then regular customers started saying it to me on my monthly visits. I was still eating regular takeaways and a few pints of Guinness most nights, the same as I had most of my adult life but the constant exercise was working wonders. I started to notice my clothes getting looser and started to feel pretty light on my feet in general. It was at this point I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I changed my diet’. So about mid summer I started to play around with a few healthier options rather than a large fast food delivery most nights, damn are those pizzas good though mm.

The new diet (not advised)

As mentioned I am not a dietitian and I know next to nothing about what a healthy diet actually looks like! I have a feeling people will see what I did as extreme and it probably is, this is not a weight loss guide! just sharing my journey. Ok here we go, I know the basics to loose weight is to burn more calories than you put in, not rocket science. I knew I was burning allot of calories daily so I knew I could eat quite allot and still lose weight. I’ve never been much of a breakfast person so have always found myself eating large meals after work rather than smaller meals more often. Instead of getting home and having a takeaway I had a healthier meal in the fridge, I began buying katsu chicken microwave meals from Tesco. These were perfect as my cooking skills are not great so a quick 3 minutes in the microwave and I had a decent meal ready to go at around 500 calories. It was tasty and quick, I found a simple ‘healthy’ meal I liked that fitted around my schedule. So that was it, me being me I thought I’ll just have that everyday and I did, along with other snacks such as oat bars and the like. Then the fat started to drop off, I mean really drop off and quick. Some days I was loosing 1kg a day which is unsurprising as I was probably eating around 600-700 calories while maintaining work load.

I took no advice from the internet or any of the thousands of people online offering diet advice. I simply listened to my own body and would eat when I was hungry, instead of eating at lunch time just because it was lunch time and everyone eats. If I wasn’t hungry I wouldn’t eat for the sake of it, I would simply wait until I was actually hungry then eat, usually a katsu chicken lol. Same thing on the evenings, if I got peckish late at night, I wouldn’t snack but would have a hearty breakfast in the morning instead. Before I knew it my clothes were beginning to hang off me so I jumped on the scales and was shocked to see I had lost 25kg in no time. The rapid weight loss continued and now I have leveled off at 66kg at 5’11. I’m now able to maintain this weight and an important point I forgot to mention is that I did not cut alcohol out and will still have a pint most nights. Lately I have discovered my love for Rhubarb gin and yes I will happily walk around the pub with a glass of fruit and gin lol.

packaged katsu chicken

To conclude

So there we go, reading back it does sound a little hardcore and I’m certainly not recommending anyone else to try it especially as I didn’t even visit a doctor. But like you, I know my own body better than anyone else and at no point did I feel weird or ill.  I’ve now had a mini health MOT and everything is fine and I feel like a whippet! as apposed to a wilder beast

weight loss comparison

Thanks for reading, its been emotional.

Sam Wilcox

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