Blade Detailing is operating as normal, however we are taking extra precautions with hygiene.

Floor Mats Shampoo – £10

Floor mats shampoo – Extras

If your vehicle’s floor mats have incurred a fair amount of stains and caked-on dirt deposits, you may want to considering shampooing them.

​First off, you will need to remove the floor mats from your vehicle. Once the mats have been removed we then give the mats a thorough vacuum. This will enables us to remove any dust deposits and loose dirt, ultimately making the shampooing process more successful.

​Having made all the necessary preparations, it’s time to begin the shampooing process. We begin by spraying the mats with our fabric cleaning solution, this breaks down embedded dirt and removes stains. Next, we take our carpet scrub brush to begin working the solution into the carpet until we see a fine lather over the entire surface.

​Time for extraction!

​Using our wet vacuum extractor, we suck up all the nasty’s while at the same time rinsing the mats with clean water.

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