Blade Detailing is operating as normal, however we are taking extra precautions with hygiene.

Upholstery Shampoo – £60

Fabric and Seats Shampoo – Extras

Firstly we do a preliminary clean. We begin by removing any floor mats, accessories and general rubbish too big for a vacuum cleaner. Now time for a thorough vacuum to remove all dust and general loose dirt.

The type of stains found in your vehicle’s seats will play a large part in determining the shampoo we use. We target deep stains and pre-treat them with a stain removing solution prior to shampooing. All our interior cleaners contain odour neutralisers to help remove bad smells from your vehicle.

Using our cleaning solution and interior upholstery brush we now begin working the solution into the fabric. A light foam will appear across the surface with all lifted contaminants ready to be extracted.

Using our extractor we now suck up all the dirt and debris while at the same time, cleaning the surface with clean water.

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