Free vehicle sanitisation with every booking included

Full Exterior And Polish Detail

The next level in detailing, hold tight

Our full exterior detail continued, expect stunning gloss, savage reflections and around 70% swirl mark and light scratch removal.

Simply drop off your vehicle between 6pm – 7pm the day before your booking.

Then collect your vehicle between 6pm – 7pm upon completion.

Full Exterior And Polish Detail

Includes full clay bar and machine polishing
£595 all inc
  • Full exterior pure water steam down
  • Wheels deep cleaned and decontaminated
  • Tyre's degreased
  • Engine bay steamed and degreased
  • Door shuts steamed and degreased
  • Contact wash at 40 degrees
  • Contamination inspection
  • Tar decontamination
  • Iron fallout decontamination
  • Heated snowfoam
  • streakless pure water rinse down
  • Full vehicle blow dry
  • Panel inspection
  • Panel Testing
  • Panel Preperation
  • Panel polishing
  • Door shuts dressed
  • Engine bay dressed
  • Interior and exterior glass cleaned
  • All exterior surfaces protected
  • Final dressings applied

Lets begin with those wheels!

Brake dust agh! we begin by bathing the wheels in our non acidic wheel cleaner. Safe on all wheels it gently softens brake dust making for much safer removal. Using our special long reach and intricate brushes, the wheels and barrels are then cleaned.

Bath time! 

The Supreme valet includes a gentle citrus pre-wash. This lubricates the vehicles exterior and breaks down the muck and grime before the contact wash.

Citrus pre-wash complete the vehicle is now ready for a contact wash. We use only the finest lambswool mitts and grit guarded buckets, this ensures the wash process is as safe as possible.

Have you ever noticed that even when your vehicle has been cleaned, there are loads of black spots dotted around the paintwork? thats tar and it wont come off with a sponge.

Time for full decontamination!

Using special paintwork friendly products we remove every last one of them, its a pain but someones got to do it. Ok were looking good but try running your fingers across the paintwork, feel rough? Thats because contaminants are still bonded to your paintwork detracting from the finish.

Grab the clay…

Clay? yes clay! We apply lubrication to the paintwork and begin working the clay across each panel removing deep bonded contaminants. Don’t believe us? Check out the clay after application, it can sometimes be hard to believe. Once completed your vehicle paintwork is now perfectly clean. Check out how water now seamlessly sheets off your vehicle.

Can we machine polish now? YES!

Time to separate your vehicle from the rest. The finishes that are achieved through machine polishing are incredible.

We begin by assessing the paintwork. Its a case of matching the perfect polish with the perfect pad. This is where our years of experience come in, ensuring we create the perfect combination for your vehicle. Our stage 1 detail will remove light swirl marks and scratches. Upon completion your paintwork will pop like you have never seen before.

Time for some protection!

Included in the single stage detail is a wax protection. This gives a deep wet look finish to the vehicle. You can also upgrade to some of our premium waxes and sealants.

​Outside done, it’s now time for a thorough interior vacuum and clean.

All interior plastics are dusted, cleaned and specialist interior detailing brushes are used to get to those hard to reach areas. Protective paper floor mats are then installed to protect your cleaned carpets. Finally a spray of odour eliminator gives that just valeted car smell – mmm.

We’re almost done!

Glass is then cleaned and tyres dressed with endurance gel that will last up to a month!

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