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Motorcycle Detailing

Motorcycle Detail

Nobody wants to straddle a filthy gunk-clad bike. At blade detailing our motorcycle valet will leave your pride and joy gleaming and protected. There are a number of important aspects to consider when valeting a motorcycle, your chain being one. We include a chain clean and re-lube with every valet.

Motorcycle Detail

£250 all inc
  • Heated snow foam pre wash
  • Chain clean and degrease
  • Swing arm degrease
  • Steam down
  • Detail brush intricate clean
  • Lambswool mitt wash
  • Steam down
  • Dried with premium towels
  • Intrecate Blow Dry
  • Wheels deep cleaned
  • Paintwork machine polished
  • Chrome polished
  • Protection applied to bodywork and wheels
  • Chain lubed

It is very important to remove all kinds of dirt and grit that embed themselves in the chain. These contaminants can cause friction and create a grinding effect. Equally important is the re lube of the chain after cleaning, this stops friction and prevents corrosion. As well as the chain, all exposed metal should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Never put your bike away wet! always give a wet bike a wipe down before putting it away in the garage.

The heat of your engine creates steam, a lot of it. Once the garage door is pulled down it creates perfect conditions for corrosion to form. Just give your bike a wipe down and a spray of lube on parts that need it such as linkages and your good to go. Keeping your paint clean and protected is also very important. 

We apply wax to all painted surfaces to preserve the lacquer. For motorcycles which need paint correction for example the paintwork has become heavily swirled and marked. We can use machine polishing to restore paints luster, then seal it with wax.

Valet complete, your bike is clean, protected and ready to go. Ride safe and keep it rubber side down!

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