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Blade Detailing | Snow Foam | Pre-wash fun!

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Snow Foam produces a thick, rich foam that encapsulates the dirt and road grime to remove it from the surface. When we rinse with clean water you can see the dirt coming off. It’s safe to use on all paint and doesn’t strip wax. Using Snow Foam as a pre wash helps us cut down the need for contact washing.

Swirl marks!

Swirl marks are super fine scratches on the surface of your car’s paint. They are most commonly caused by wiping the car with a dry towel when it’s dusty, or buy improper washing and drying techniques. High street hand car washes contribute hugely to creating swirl marks and damaging your vehicles paint.

Every time you wash and dry your car, you mar the paint surface with microscopic scratches (micro marring). These micro scratches create the appearance we call “swirl marks”.

You might have noticed that swirl marks prominently show on black and other dark colored cars. This is because the sides of the scratches reflect light. Black being the biggest contrast to white causes the reflections to be more prominent.

car swirl marks

By using a pre-wash such as snow foam. We dramatically reduce the risk of introducing swirl marks to the paint. This is because all grit, grime and general dirt is lubricated and removed before the contact wash, so it cant get trapped in a wash mitt and dragged across the paintwork.

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