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Valet Bournemouth | Blade Detailing | Mercedes A Class AMG

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Mercedes A Class Amg looking stunning in white

Mercedes A class AMG valet prior to it’s visit to the body shop. While booking the vehicle in the customer also mentioned that the paintwork had a few issues we needed to address.

Upon arrival

As with all vehicles we do a pre-wash inspection with the customer present.  This allows the customer to fully explain what they are hoping to be achieved, it also gives us a chance to have a good look at the vehicle and offer any reccomendations we may have at no obligation. In this case the customer pointed out that the mercedes had a fair amount of paintwork contamination (iron and tar). The mercedes is actually booked in to have the side skirts resprayed and various panels touched up. So we decided to hold fire on the decontamination until this work had been carried out.

Mercedes A class AMG valet

Beggining with the wheels we used a medium strenght dillution of non acidic wheel cleaner which worked a treat.

Mercedes A Class valet

Using a variety of short and long reach brushes the whole wheel is cleaned.

Mercedes A Class valet

As mentioned earlier the paintwork is due for a full decontamination. The aim of this valet was to remove all the general grime and salt that had built up during winter driving. We will be removing tar and iron once the vehicle returns from the body shop.

mercedes A Class valet

Using PH neutral snow foam most of the grime was removed to make the contact wash as safe as possible. The pre-wash stage is essential as this reduces risk of dragging grime and grit across the paintwork inflicting damage.

Mercedes A Class valet

Work complete and sealed with a wax to protect the paintwork until full decontamination and seal.

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